Life is too short….let’s have fun!

A silver haired temptress who loves what she does. I am a mature full bodied woman who knows what she wants and what she needs. I stand almost 6 foot tall at 5’11” so if a strong, tall, confident, curvy mature woman is what you like, then you’ve just hit the jackpot!

I’m an authentic, empathetic listener, I pride myself in making sure that I am always 100% present in the moment.  Our time, will be ours, no interruptions.  My eyes will be for you alone. 

As an educated, intelligent woman I can hold my own in any conversation, and enjoy a good verbal spar! I do try to stay away from politics or sports, as they can be such challenging topics for people to agree on. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and besides… that is not why you want to spend time with me. 😉 I am intellectually curious and love to hear about new ideas and exploring novel concepts, challenge me with something new!

I love to cook! I find it a very sensuous process. Spending an afternoon or evening in the kitchen can be delightful. New tastes, and recipes can be fun to explore, and hopefully we will get to the final product!

I am also a sultry, experienced enchantress. I love to explore all aspect of delights. Simple pleasures to the exotic. I love the human body, all types and facets! Every individual is just that, an individual, and our chemistry will lead us where it does.

Come…. explore with me!

Let’s plan some time together!


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