My year as an upscale escort.

A year in the life.

Hi, I’m Tasha, this is my tale of about becoming and surviving as an independent companion. This is not a salacious tell all, but instead a look at the life, well, my version.

  • Tools of the trade.
    As a slut, I always made the guys supply everything. I was never going to spend a penny of my own money on my hobby, I knew that if they wanted me they would have to provide everything. And they were willing as it is cheaper than paying for a pro. BUT, this time, I was the pro, and selling the fantasy, so I needed to provide. AND of course I wanted to make sure everything were Fresh!
  • Setting up shop
    So, you would think, that all you need to do is start to charge for sex, but its much more complicated than that. I am not one to jump into anything, and have always been a planner. So i started to make the list of what was needed. Surprisingly, google as always is your friend. There are many websites out there giving advise to baby whores…
  • The birth of the Business Plan….
    Well, one should always start at the beginning. But let me start when I decided to launch my ‘business plan” as I am fond of calling my foray into the oldest profession. ……..Over the previous 3 years, I had perfecting my slut persona. I had small number of “gentlemen” who were somewhat addicted to my wiles. At least once a day, I had one or the other, or sometimes all, texting me looking to hook up.

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2 thoughts on “My year as an upscale escort.”

  1. Hey Tasha

    This update is really cool. I’m hopeful you have more find memories than uncomfortable ones; I was a little concerned about your sudden retirement/hiatus.

    Look forward to future installments. You were very good at what you did.

    Hoping whatever path you choose brings happiness.


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